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"Learning For Life-Preparing For Leadership"‚Äč

General Ricardo Sanchez Elementary faculty and staff will adhere to the basic principles, facilitating the cognitive development and literacy of the total child. By enhancing the learning process, the faculty and staff will instill empathy, self-concept, by fostering opportunities of creativity, problem solving and higher order thinking. In providing a positive and caring academic environment and utilizing the latest technological advances, students will emerge into a society as producive, skilled, and responsible citizens.


Mission Statement

General Ricardo Sanchez Elementary, believes that education is a unified effort among students, parents, faculty, administrators, and staff; so that all children can learn, given the appropriate environment and stimuli catered to the respective learning styles. Therefore, we envision a school where all the stakeholders will promote student achievement to meet the challenge of becoming successful citizens thus; instilling Learning For Life-Preparing For Leadership.