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Mr. G. DeLosReyes

Welcome to 5th grade Social Studies at GRSE!! 


Eagle flying


Welcome, the following are the upcoming lessons for the 3rd Six Weeks.


Social Studies

Week 1: Washington Takes Office p. 290-296 / Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase p. 298-303

Week 2: War of 1812 p. 304-309 / AMerican Indians and the Trail of Tears p. 312-316

Week 3: Women and African Americans Fight for Freedom p. 318-323

Week 4: Inventions, Roads, and Railroads 332-338 / The Lone Star State p. 342-349

Week 5: Trails to West p. 350-357 / The California Gold Rush p. 360-365


Week 1: Present Tense Verbs

Week 2: Future and Past Tense Verbs

Week 3:








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