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Mr. G. DeLosReyes

Welcome to 5th grade Social Studies at GRSE!! 


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Welcome, the following are the upcoming lessons for the 2nd Six Weeks.


Social Studies Week 1 (Oct 1-4th)

We will be having our Student Council elections. Additionally, the students will be introduced to the Bill of Rights.


Social Studies Week 2 (Oct 7-11th)

We will focus on the Bill of Rights, students are expected to be able to give the central idea on each amendment. 

Social Studies Week 3 (Oct 14-18th)

We will be learning about the Pilgrims in the Plymouth colony and the development of other colonies. 

Grammar/Writing Week 1 (Oct 1-4th)

Students will learn to identify predicates and find the verbs within sentences. For Writing class, they will write a paper on their Student Council election experience.

Grammar/Writing Week 2 (Oct 7-11th)

We will be going over direct objects in Grammar class. For Writing, students will write an expository that deals with one of the amendments covered in Social Studies class.

Grammar/Writing Week 3 (Oct 14-18th)

Students will write journal entries pretending to be English colonists in either Jamestown, Roanoke, or Plymouth.



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