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Mrs. Marilyn S. Cantu


Dear Parents;

Welcome to Kindergarten, I hope you all had a an enjoyable summer with your family. I am very pleased to be part of your childs education this year. This year my goal is to meet your childs needs through working and learning together. As an educator, I know the importance of a good education begins working and collaborating with not only other teachers, but with parents as well. Please know that communication is also one of the best factors to know each other and work together to help your child succeed this year. Thank you, Mrs. Cantu

Thank You. smiley


2nd 6wks Wk 1


Language Arts: The students will be able to identify medial vowel sounds short As and long Aa.  Determine word meaning, blend and segment syllables. Identify past-tense verbs.


Math: The students will learn to identify 2 dimensional figures and its attributes: circles and rectangles.  The students will learn to recognize the number 6 and learn to count to 20 forward and backward.


Ciencias: Los estudiantes usarán los sentidos para las diferentes formas de energía, tales como la energía luminosa, térmica y del sonido.


Estudios Sociales: Los estudiantes dibujarán y escribirán sobre las personas que representan la autoridad en el hogar, la escuela y en la comunidad.


Spelling Words: map, mat, man, sat, sad, Sam, I, like, the, and


2nd 6wks Wk 2


Language Arts: The students will be able to identify letter name/sound and practice writing the upper-and lowercase Dd/Nn.  Identify the problem and solution of the different stories. Review the Story Elements and adjectives for color and size.


Math: The students will review 2 dimensional figures and its attributes.  They will learn and recognize numbers 6-10, and recite numbers to 60.  They will also continue with addition and sums to 5.


Ciencias: Los estudiantes reunirán información usando instrumentos, incluyendo instrumentos de computo, lupas, balanzas, tazas, tazones, imanes, redes y cuadernos; medidores de tiempo; objetos no ususales para medir; y materiales que apoyen las observaciones del habitat de organismos, tales como terrarios y acuarios.


Estudios Sociales: Los estudiantes identificarán las reglas que proporcionan orden, protección y seguridad en el hogar y la escuela.


Spelling Words: can, fan, dot, net, tan, bad, dad, mad, dig, nap, no, is, the


2nd 6wks Wk 3


Language Arts: The students will discuss the characteristics of fables and identify the theme.  The students will be able to identify characters, setting, and events in fiction too.  The student will practice reading one word for each printed word. In addition read and spell Words to Know, and identify words with sounds /p/ and /k/.  Review adjectives for color and size.


Math: Develop and introduce numbers 6-10 and recite to 60. Contextual sums and minuends to 5: (Addition, Subtraction). Data Analysis and Numbers 0-10.


Ciencias: Los estudiantes observarán y describirán la ubicación de un objeto con relación a otro, tal como arriba, abajo, detrás, enfrente y al lado


Estudios Sociales: Los estudiantes utilizarán el sistema de voto como método para tomar decisiones en forma grupal.


Spelling Words: cab, cot, can, cub, cap, tap, pad, pan, pet, pin, and, you, like


2nd 6wks Wk 4


Language Arts: Students will be able to identify characteristics of informational texts and support details in it.  They will recognize that words are made up of letters and separated by spaces in print. The students will distinguish between the short and long vowel i sounds.  Also identify nouns for places and things.


Math: Students will learn to identify measurable attributes of a given object including length, capacity, and weight.  Compare two objects to see which object has more of /less of the attribute and describe the difference.


Ciencias: Los estudiantes entenderán que la energía, la fuerza y el movimiento están relacionados y son parte de su vida diaria.  El estudiante observará y describirán las maneras en que los objetos se pueden mover, tal como en línea recta, en zigzag, hacia arriba y hacia abajo, hacia atrás y hacia adelante, en círculo, y rápida y lentamente.


Estudios Sociales: Los estudiantes aprenderán sobre los símbolos de nuestro país.  Obtendrán información sobre el tema utilizando una variedad de fuentes visuales tales como imágenes, símbolos, comunicación electrónica de los diferentes medios, material impreso y artefactos.


Spelling Words: bit, pit, sit, dip, rip, sip, Tim, rim, bin, tin, an, it, has


2nd 6wks Wk 5


Language Arts: Students will be able to identify the topic of central idea on an informational texts.  The students will make and check predictions about a story. They will recognize that words are made up of letters and separated by spaces in print.  The students will distinguish between the letters Rr and Ff sounds. Also edit for capitalization.  


Math: Students will learn to apply mathematical process standards to develop an understanding of addition.  They will model the action of joining to solve problems using objects and drawings to find sums up to 10 and differences within 10.


Ciencias: Los estudiantes planificarán y realizarán investigaciones descriptivas simples.  Anotarán y organizarán datos y observaciones usando dibujos, números y palabras. También explorarán la interacción entre imanes y distintos materiales.


Estudios Sociales: Los estudiantes aprenderán sobre la diferencia entre necesidades y deseos.  Los estudiantes expresarán sus ideas oralmente basándose en el conocimiento y las experiencias.


Spelling Words: ran, rot, rib, ram, red, fan, fat, fig, fun, fed, you, he, she

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