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Mrs. M. Saenz


Welcome to our 2019 – 2020 school year!

Mrs. M. Saenz

Second Grade – 2nd Six Weeks

Week 1:

Story of the Week: The Puddle Puzzle pg.215


-Introduce initial blends with l, r, and s.

-Introduce power words agency, business, confidently, located, eagerly, seeps, mystery, and ace.




Spelling List:

1. space             11. just

2. globe             12. stove

3. grade             13. slid

4. swim             14. close

5. place             15. grape

6. last                16. plate

7. test                17. climb

8. skin               18. bruise

9. drag

10. glide


-Introduce adding -es to nouns, nouns that change spelling, collective nouns, and review Singular/Plural nouns.


-Writing form-Descriptive Essay.


-Problem Solving: Number Sentences:Addition/Subtraction

-Basic Facts:Subtraction

-Skills:Fractional representation & Addition/Subtraction

-Fractional representation


-Ciencias fisicas & cuáles son algunas propiedades de la materia. 

Estudios Sociales: 

-Mi Comunidad, mi pais: Nuestros lideres del gobierno.  

Week 2:

Story of the Week: Big Red Lollipop, Working with Others & Gingerbread for Liberty


-Identify and read high frequency words: are, hand, kept, king, land, long, sing, thing, think, wish.

-Learn the sound spelling for final consonant blends: st, sk, nd, nt, ft, xt, mp, ng, nk.

-Introduce power words: invited, screams, plead, musical, shove, scoots, greedy, scurries.

Spelling List:

1.end                      10. full                   11. dress

3.sank                    12. mess

4.drink                   13. hill

5.hunt                    14. pull

6.stand                  15. kiss

7.long                   16. class

8.stamp                 17. friend                      18. across


-Discuss action verbs, action vebs and subjects, action verbs in sentences, and review proper nouns.


-Introduce and discuss persuasive structure and elements of persuasive text by integrating action verbs.


-Problem Solving: Problem Solving Model

-Basic Facts: Subtraction

-Skills: Word Problem/Solve & Place Value

-Comparing and Ordering Numbers (Two-Digit and Three-Digit)


-Qué son los sólidos, los líquidos y los gases?

Estudios Sociales:

-Hablar sobre los símbolos de nuestro país.


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