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Mrs. M. Saenz


Welcome to our 2019 – 2020 school year!

Mrs. M. Saenz-Second Grade

4th Six Weeks

Reading & Grammar:

Week 1 –Prefix pre-; Compound Words; Context Clues; Contractions

Week 2 –Three-Letter Blends; Prefix pre-; Contractions; Types of Adverbs

Week 3 –Spring Break

Week 4 –Consonant + le; Intonation; Soft g (-ge, -dge); Possessive Nouns

Week 5 –Prefix mis-; Affixes Review; Inflections –ed, -ing; Possessive Pronouns

Week 6 –Open/Closed Syllables; Suffixes –y, -ly; Preposition and Prepositional Phrases

Week 7 –Long a, e; Suffixes –ion, -tion, -sion; Fre. Misspelled words

Story of the Week:

Week 1-The Long, Long Journey & The Best Habitat for Me

Week 2-Sea Otter Pups & At Home in the Wild

Week 3 –Spring Break

Week 4-Abuelo and the Three Bears & Ducklings Jump from Nest

Week 5-Where on Earth Is My Bagel & Hello, World!

Week 6-May Day Around the World & Goal!

Week 7-Poems in the Attic & What’s for Lunch Around the World?


Week 1 –Addition & Subtraction; 3-Digit Addition; Patterns 10’s & 100’s

Week 2-Additio & Subtraction; Place Value Practice; Area

Week 3 –Spring Break

Week 4-Addition & Subtraction; Data Analysis & Graphs; Number Line

Week 5-Addition & Subtraction; Mixed Operation Practice; 3-Digit Subtraction

Week 6-Addition & Subtraction; Data Analysis & Graphs; 3-Digit Subtraction

Week 7 -Review & Assess


Week 1 –What do plants need?

Week 2 –What do animals need?

Week 3 –Spring Break

Week 4 –Where do plants and animals live?

Week 5 –How does the environment affect growth and behavior?

Week 6 –How do living things get food?

Week 7 –Review & Assess

Social Studies:

Week 1 –Culture Is Our Way of Life

Week 2 –Cultures in Our Country

Week 3 –Spring Break

Week 4 –What We Celebrate

Week 5 –American Stories

Week 6 –Two Cultures

Week 7 -Review & Assess

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