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Ms. E. Garcia

Welcome to our new 2019-2020 school year! I am so exicted to be your child’s 1st grade teacher.





January  13-17, 2020

Spelling words


  1. team               13. woke      
  2. be                   14. game
  3. read                15. peanut
  4. feet                 16. bridge
  5. tree                           
  6. keep                           
  7. eat                            
  8. mean                            
  9. see
  10. she
  11. flute
  12. tube

Monday:  Write words 3 times each.

Read the story of the week and Blend and Read every day.

Tuesday:  choose the first 5 words and

write a sentence

Wednesday:  Write the first 8 words in

alphabetical order (ABC)

Thursday:  Spelling pre-test

Friday:  Weekly test




Stories of the week: Deserts

Genre: Informational Text

*Handmade  Genre: Procedural Text

Skill: Central Idea/Text Organization

Grammar: Subject Pronouns





Basic Facts: Sums of 11 & 12

Concept: Place Value with Comparing



(Daily: Recite # 1- 120 forward and


Write numbers 30-40 in words 







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